Buddhist Meditation is a technique designed to liberate the mind from suffering. It was developed by the Buddha, Siddharta Gautama over 2500 years ago, and since then has helped millions of people to improve their experience of life and gain an understanding of themselves.


Our teacher, Ross teaches Buddhist Meditation in a pure and simple style, focusing on techniques which use the breath and body to create a profound sense of peace, and release negative patterns which can lead to suffering.


You will learn to become increasingly sensitive to the functioning of your body, the fluctuations of the mind, and the connection between the two. Through direct experience you will begin to understand how feelings of physical and mental tension occur, and develop the ability to let go of this process, allowing the mind and body to resolve into a state of balance and harmony.



Ross has been meditating for the last 14 years.


His practice is rooted in the Thai Forest Monastery tradition of Ajahn Chah, which is renowned for its simple and direct approach to Buddhism.


He has developed his practice surrounded by bears in California, monkeys in India, the Himalayas in Nepal, and commuters in London before arriving in Ibiza.


Ross offers meditation lessons on an individual basis, or if you would like to gain a through grounding in the basics of practice, through his Introduction to Buddhist Meditation course comprising of four consecutive 90 minute lessons over four days.



Buddhist meditations courses and retreats by Healthy Ibiza ROSS STEPHENSON, Photo: Alexea Grech

May all beings be happy.