Meditations by Healthy Ibiza



                 MIND FOCUS TRAINING







The word meditation carries different meanings in different contexts. In the most extensive way it points out to a variety of mental disciplines used to induce specific modes or states of consciousness.


The Tibetan word for meditation "Gom" means "to become familiar with one's Self" which is the very beginning of a long journey wherein the awareness is directed inwards until pure awareness is achieved, described as:


 "being awake inside without being aware of anything except awareness itself ".


In some teachings this final state is called "Enlightenment" but this seems to be an utopia in times wherein our minds have control over us instead of the contrary. 


To recover control over our mind we need to meditate


Some meditation techniques are used to relax the body in order to ease health issues such as blockages or high blood pressure meanwhile others are applied to clear the mind and enter in our unconscious on deeper levels in order to resolve mental problems as stress, anxiety, depression or traumas.


There are also procedures that are employed to study in depth virtues as Love, compassion, humility, forgiveness, perseverance, concentration, patience and generosity among others or even to generate internal energy or life force (Qi, Prana, etc).


Many ways to meditate


Meditation is focussing the mind. There are many techniques. Here some examples of the ones that we use.


The Yoga way of meditation is called pranayama and this process consists in deep and controlled in and out breathing mostly in combination with focussed physical exercise.


Buddhist monks involve awareness in their day-to-day activities as a form of mind-training to reach internal peace. Contrary to the controlled pranayama breathing, the way of Buda is called vipassana which means witness and contrary to the controlled pranayam breathing it is the method of observing the respiration. Breathing is the most simple and natural phenomena that is realized 24 hours a day and doesn't need any effort, it goes by itself. In modern terms this way is called "active meditation". 


                                                          Try not to breathe....and you´ll find THAT what lives you is pushing... IT breathes you... 


The more we train ourselves to focus on our breathing in and breathing out, in combination with everything we do in our daily life, the more conscious we become.


The more aware we become, the more real our lives become. This means that our mind will not be able to distract us from reality...we will be foccused on the NOW.


Maybe the most modern way of meditation is the one in which special sound frequencies are used that produce a direct effect on our brainwaves. This technique facilitates the meditator to enter in different states of consciousness. These meditations are done with headphones and some of them are able to synchronize the two brain hemispheres. The brain synchronization is reached by the so called Binaural Beats and are well known for their abilty to induce very deep stages in a very short time. (see Binaural Brainwave meditation)




The development of the inward focus while doing "anything" is one of the major gifts we want our guests to go home with.