Shiatsu & Reiki on Ibiza


is a Japanese treatment and like acupuncture based on Chinese medicine.


If the Enery Flow is well balanced within the meridians of our body we feel fine and healthy.


If it is blocked it leads to tensions, pain and in the end to illness.




Fullfilment of energy.


Commonly called hands-on-healing, relaxing the phisical and mental body, and finally the energy body.




A Therapist can feel the energy and by careful application of pressure with the fingers, palms, ellbow or knees as well as stretchings and the rotation of joints, it will positively influence the flow.

This is wonderfully relaxing and healing, you will feel very refreshed, active and strong.



Migraines/ Headaches
Back problems
Shoulder/Arm problems
Stress and tiredness



We bring you the best massages wherever you are on Ibiza.


Please regard that you need to reserve the services well in advance.


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