Beauty Alchemy Therapy

An effective & pleasant rejuvenating theraphy... TOTALLY NATURAL


Nowadays more and more people develop some kind of intolerance or allergy to the preservatives or / and other harmful substances added to cosmetic products.

Besides that, most industrial cosmetic products are based on death elements...



The beauty Alchemy Therapy is based only on organic natural products that are elaborated fresh in the moment of using them.


In this way, allergic reactions are avoided and supply all the benefits of fresh vitamins to the skin.



We will exfoliate, hydrate, relax and give a blossom look to your skin with a combination of natural mask and rejuvenationg massage.

You will see the result from the first session.


Regular treatment of the "Beauty Alchemy Therapy" delays the aging of the skin.








You can also meet Giusi at FACIAL YOGA and THE FINAL TOUCH.

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We bring you the best beauty services wherever you are on the island.


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