Facial Yoga

Workshops & private sessions at yours... on Ibiza... by Giusi Ferrato

An exceptional treatment to restore flexibility and tone the facial muscles as well as to erase wrinkles and lines.





Our face is our calling card, but is constantly exposed to the sun and air pollution. Besides that, face muscles express our emotions and habits; if you are angry almost all of the time, it will be readable on your face. If you feel good and happy, your face will show it as well. Vision problems, frequent migraine and neck pain, or in fact any physical or emotional pain alters our facial muscles and therefore our expression. These in combination with an improper nutrition are some of the facts that cause early aging of the skin.


We focus on our body.....but what about our face?


Our face has almost 60 muscles. With a routine of Facial Yoga you can build up your facial muscles in the same way as you do with your body muscles.




Regular practice of Facial Yoga in combination with the use of natural and organic products and a well-balanced diet helps you to prevent early aging of the skin.


Facial Yoga begins with the relaxation of the upper body, connecting with the emotions and oxygenating the skin through special breathing techniques. 


The exercises are simple and very easy to memorize. You are always on time to start to work out you facial muscles....... everybody can do it...... young and old, man and woman.


When you practice Facial Yoga (almost) everyday, the results are amazing..... you look younger, more glowing and healthy.


Facial Yoga benefits:


  • Nourishes skin and skin tissues  
  • Activates skin metabolism
  • Reduces fat cells 
  • Promotes cell movement
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Erases dark circles  
  • Removes toxins
  • Oxygenates and tones the muscles, which are the support of the skin.
  • Removes tired aspect of face and erases dark circles thanks to cell oxygenation and drainage


Facial Yoga by Healthy Ibiza Giusi Ferrato


 Make-up Artist and Yoga Facial Coach.

With 30 years experiece in beauty and the preactise of yoga, chi-kung and pilates, she has developed a daily rutine easy to follow.


We are grateful to have Giusi in the Healthy Ibiza Team.


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