Facial Healing

Healthy Ibiza is pleased to bring you this luxury facial healing wherever you are on Ibiza.


Included in our retreats, you can also enjoy it at your holiday location.


Absolutely delightful.


By Marion Stone.



My treatments are divinely healing, sublimely relaxing and profoundly anti-ageing – using only luxuriously natural and organic products.


Fully equipped as a mobile therapist, and with dedicated attention to detail, I'm delighted to bring you a matchless luxury home service.




Overall wellbeing; inside and out 75 mins


More than just a facial, this is a totally holistic experience, incorporating a meditative visualisation and healing at the beginning which puts you into a deeply relaxed state, physically and mentally.


In this state your own healing resources are able to work at their optimum; boosting the treatment's effects no end.


I then follow with a deep cleanse and exfoliation to thoroughly clean your skin before an indulgent massage of the shoulders, neck, face and head.


Firm massage techniques are used throughout the whole treatment which means that the facial muscles are constantly being lifted and toned.


Tension is also relieved from the shoulders neck and head. Acupressure and lymphatic drainage stimulate the blood and lymph systems removing any toxins you may have accumulated. Whilst your mask is on, I will give you a soothing hand massage.


The healing energy remains throughout the treatment, whilst your skin is hydrated and fed vital vitamins, herbs and antioxidants, leaving the skin looking lustrous.


Not only will I leave you with a profound sense of wellbeing – your skin will look incredible too.




Indulge yourself in a top to toe pampering: 90 min.


This blissful treatment includes all the gorgeous elements of LIA Therapy but with a longer massage of the shoulders, neck and face, Indian head massage, and a massage of the calves and feet.


Stress just melts away, whilst lymphatic drainage and reflexology techniques on the calves relieve water retention and aid the removal of toxins.


The mother of all pamperings!  


Also ideal to relax and bring a radiant glow to brides-to-be.

Marion Stones collaborates with Healthy Ibiza retreats. Marion Stone

About me


In 2004, the stresses, strains, and all-consuming demands of a high level executive career brought me close to breaking point and, with it, the realisation that there had to be more to life...


And so began a liberating journey of discovery – incorporating extensive world travel, meditation, yoga, and spiritual exploration.


I soon cast aside the hurly burly of my corporate existence, and started on a road intent on aligning my life purpose with my life philosophy; namely embracing all things health and wellbeing. Later, inspired by all that I'd absorbed, I trained as a healer.



It was whilst I was running the globally renowned Hale Clinic, in London, that I had the great privilege of also training in the highly acclaimed, award-winning Heaven Skincare system, with none other than it's pioneer: Deborah Mitchell.


I moved to Ibiza in 2012, armed to offer the very things that had so profoundly restored my own abiding sense of calm and wellbeing.


After a love affair with the island spanning 25 years, I delight in realising my long-held dream of offering something very unique here: a fusion of outer beauty with inner healing, designed to promote overall and lasting results.


I offer luxury holistic facials – using only the very best of natural organic products, plus 100% safe and natural (but no less powerful) age-defying techniques – enhanced, of course, with pure and powerful healing. Giving my treasured clients a radiant glow... both inside and out. I look forward to sharing these transformational delights with you.

We bring you the facial healing therapies wherever you are on the island.


Please reagard that you need to reserve the services well in advance.