Group Meditation with cristals and quartz bowls sounds.



In this guided meditation the group will be connecting their hearts to the cristals high frequence energy in order to establish a channel which facilitates access to a higher state of consciousness.


Once connected, the individual will open its heart and project its own energy on the cristals which will be canalised as an OFFER into the Human Collective Counciousness.


In the following stage information,  knowledge, unconditional LOVE and DIVINE LIGHT will be RECEIVED back through the cristals.


The second part will be meditated lying on the floor with cristals in the hands, on the heart and third eye chackra and one by one the 7 main human energetic centres (Chackras) will be cleansed.


During the third and final part the body´s energy field will be deeply grounded by establishing a connection between the root chackra and the cristal centre of Mother Earth.


The crown chackra will be connected with the centre of the Universe and through these two anchors a lightning axis alignment wil take place.


Quarzt bowls sounds during the whole meditation is a beautiful help in connecting with your inner silence.


Both beginners as advanced meditators find this meditation a beautiful and enlightening experience!



Jeremie Quidu by Healthy Ibiza Jeremie Quidu


Jeremie Quidú guides this meditation.


He assists the meditators in establishing a connection with the heart and in discovering the inner space wherein to welcome and experience their own divinity.


Jeremie has been studying and researching the healing with gemstones and cristals for over 20 years and has a long experience in working on the self through different practices (metaphysics, cristal therapies, kundalini yoga and meditations).