Healing music meditations on Ibiza




Beautiful sonic journey up through the 7 chakras (main human energy centers) with active individual participation in different physical and respiratory movements appropriate to each energy center .


This dynamic meditation involves physical movement and breathing exercises that help muting mental noise and dissolve energetic and physical body blockages.


A very powerfull meditation that brings harmony and strength to the physical, mental and emotional body.





Musical compositions designed to harmonize with instruments and high vibrational frequencies. It produces what may be called a sonic bath where the listener receives and integrates the benefits of sound.



YOGA - SOUND (NADA YOGA) Integrative yoga and sound sessions. It combines yoga postures (asanas) with voice-sound and movement, while healing instruments are played. Subsequently Tibetan Bowls are applied on the body of participants in order to influence directly on the bodies frequency. The chanting of mantras has the same proposal.



All the sound meditations have therapeutic and sedative effects on the nervous system and enhance a deep conscious contact with oneself and the universe.


If you would like to join any of this meditations, please contact us.

Healthy Ibiza Meditation Retreats Elena Teixidor & Federico Leborans



Elena Teixidor and Federico Leborans will guide you in these meditations while playing Tibetan bowls, Hang Drum, Didgeridoo, and Shamanic drum.


Elena teaches Yoga for fifteen years and merging with the magic of sound and Rainbow Aromatherapy. You can meet her also at our "More than Yoga" sessions.




Thank you, Fede & Elena for creating these amazing sonic journeys and share them with us.