Healthy holidays, healthy life, healthy ways in Ibiza

Summer 2020... Sending you a piece of Ibiza to your home



Health and Wellness.


Ibiza is known for its strong energy which brings this unexplainable "magic" feeling to its visitors.

An unique Nature and the beautiful beaches with clear and sparkling waters are the ingredients to awaken deep emotions.

The peacefull and serene off-season offers the perfect scene for introspection, meditation, therapies and courses.


Ibiza in all her beauty and strenght makes the journey to inner balance even more magical.


Healthy services


We bring to your place everything for your healthy holidays. Massages, therapies, beauty services...


Retreats / Groups and Incentives


We organize everything you need for your customized retreat, event or workshop.




OUR MUSICAL SELECTION FOR YOU... 60 minutes of inspirational music.  Session mixed by Rebaluz for SONICALM.  


Do you know about "mind media systems" for meditation?

 We highly recommend it.